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by zope last modified Mar 06, 2013 01:18 PM

What is WSFTV? has been created  especially for presenting videos that have promoted actions or anything that happened on the World Social Forum Global Day of Action on 26th january 2008, and that is related to World Social Forum themes and principles charts .


Since 26th january 2008 World Social Forum Global Day of Action Global Action is over, has continued to collect and promote videos related to WSF themes and principles charts

. welcome contributions of a variety of styles and genres, whether it be documentary, fiction, experimental or as yet un-categorizable.


Our key focus is to promote work that challenges corporate dominance and government arrogance, that exposes the people and mechanisms behind environmental destruction or human rights abuses. We want to build media that questions how the world works.

We are looking to create a more thoughtful space for works that have significant impact on viewers but we also want the space to be diverse and open to people with many different approaches.


Which Submission Guidelines?


Decisions regarding the publishing videos will be made on the basis of our Editorial Policy. This will involve consideration of potentially conflicting factors weighed against each other and decisions will be made at the discretion of the editors.

We will be accepting work that:


aids in the development of social movements

is innovative, engaging or entertaining

is constructive, critical of the status quo or highlights key issues


We won't be accepting:


 work that promotes sexism, racism or homophobia or discriminates against dis-empowered members of the community

advertising or advertorial

videos that overtly promote the interests of any particular religion or religious groups, governments or corporations as a primary purpose


What is Open Content?


http:/ will operate on the principles of open content. We want visitors of the site to be able to freely copy and redistribute the works here as long as it is for non-profit purposes, unless you choose to let others use your work for commercial purposes also. Work should preferably be share-alike, which means "I share if you share", allowing others to re-edit or use part of your work in theirs, so long as they allow others to do the same with their work. Apart from the ethics of such a policy, we believe it is practically impossible to stop people reproducing your work once it is in digital form. This is also positive, however, as people will help you distribute your work around the globe if they enjoy it.


This site cannot directly generate revenue for producers, although we would like to implement a donations-based micro-payment system a bit further down the line, so other Members may contribute financially, on a voluntary basis, to future work by the Producers whose videos they enjoy or want to see more of. Indirectly, WSFTV and Internet distribution in general may expose film-makers to other revenue streams such as festivals, compilations and broadcast. uses the Creative Commons

licenses as they are currently the most developed. When you publish your work you will be asked to specify a Creative Commons license.


What will happen to your work once you have submitted it?


Once you upload your work to the site you'll be sent an email telling you the server has received it. The site moderators will then view the video and publish or reject it. You'll receive an email about this too. If you continue publishing solid content we'll invite you to become a site moderator and help review and approve other people's content too.


How to Browse?


You can search for videos on various criteria:


writing in the "search" window the title, or any word that might be contained in the title or tags


search in the folders VIDEO TOPIC

search in the folders COUNTRY

search in the folders FORUM YEAR

search in the folders VIDEO GENRES


How to Upload?


Fill the form in 3 steps, fill the mandatory fields and as much as possible other fields. Key words, and not sentences, in the tag field are a useful way to allow people to find your video.

At the end of the 3rd step click save and wait.

Even though it does not appear anything and it seems that it does not work… although it appears a page of Error…. Be confident, the video should load!

Remember that a 10 minute video may take almost the same time to upload!

Remember also that all new video need to be reviewed by the site manager!


Video encoding supports the most common (and some other) file formats; you can upload: .avi .qt .mov .mpeg .mp4 .mpg .asf .wmv .3gp .m4v



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