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People's Expo Milan 2015: conclusions

by focuspuller last modified Jun 07, 2015 04:13 PM

Andrea Ferrante, farmer and Via Campesina Representative Biraj Patnaik, Comissioners of the Supreme Court of India Deborah James, Center for Economic Policy Research Giosue de Salvo, Italy Coordinator of People's Expo Teodoro Margarita, Civiltà Contadina (Peasant organisation)

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Andrea Ferrante, farmer and Via Campesina Representative

Via campesina is the biggest farmers and peasant movement of the world. Today we are here because we want to show the world that we have the answer. Peasant food sovereignty, agriculture and we are the one making the alliances with the rest of society, the citisens that want to change the food system, we made this possible want to tell them that there is no other way. Expo 2015 is a fake solution, the Expo2015 is showcase of agroindustry and agro business that is still making the world hungry and giving malnutrition to the world they dont have the solution, the goverment doesnt have solutions for its small farmers, the food producers, if we want new public policy, we have a solution and they need to change the public policy.

 Biraj Patnaik,  Comissioners of the Supreme Court of India

India has seen are seeing 300thousand  farmers killing themselves, a third of a million farmers between 1996 and 2014. It is a most unprecedented agragian distress in recorded history. And yet trade rules of India are creating more space for partnerships and this space is meant for indian farmers, and that is what brings me here to collaborate with other groups, to bring a global voice against the WTO and the unfair traide practices that will further the farm crisis in India if it is not resolved in the Nairoby ministerial in December.

 Deborah James,  Center for Economic Policy Research

We also work against other corporate trade agreements like TTP the Transpacific Partnership, the TTIP the Translatlantic Trade Invesment and the TSEP,  Trade and Services Partnership agreement. these agreements are fundamentally about violating peoples sovereignty and national sovernty by transfering the decision making power on other asthmus of our daily lives such as public services, agricutlrue, water, and transfering it to corporate power and that is why we are saying no to agreements like the  TTP TTIP and the TCEP

 Giosue de SalvoItaly Coordinator of People's Expo

Today is the third and final day of the peoples expo the was very imporant for all the participants, the delegates, and the general public, and the live streaming. We have 14 intenational organizations 150 deleguates from more than 50 counries we have establishing important aliances between small farmers and peasant organizations skeptic consumer associations civil society that wants to fight against agroindustry that only look to make a profit and are completly inefficient and inefective in preserving basic human rights and nature.   

Teodoro Margarita, Civiltà Contadina (Peasant organisation)

This is just one of the different artichoke varietie that I grow in my vegetable patch. I picked them this morning, they are a symbol, they are rare and you cannot find them in the supermarket, I say that with farmering patches, even if they are not professional farmers and even if it is a hobby, or citizen farming, it is a way of preserving biodiversity. With the love that people truly have for what they grow, this becomes a resistance, a fighting action. With every little patch of land, every little balcony, every little piece of earth we claim, we are freeing it of GMO’s and it is a way to reject the agro-industry, conventional agrictulture. Save your seeds, save your artichokes, save your beans and reclaim your own food soverignty.

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