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WSF 2009 Highlights 30 January

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AMAZZONIA WORLD SOCIAL FORUM - BELEM DO PARA' BRASIL. THIRD DAY OF THE MEETING OF THE WORLD CIVIL SOCIETY E SOCIAL MOVEMENT TO FACE THE GLOBAL WARMING AND THE FINACIAL CRISIS interviews with Jorge Furagaro - Amazonia Colombia; Nilma Bentes - Afro descendent movement; Jorge Marubo from Jawari area, Amazonia Brasil; Walden Bello (Focus on the Global South-Philippines), author, academic and political analyst

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Jorge Furagaro - Amazonia Colombia
      ⁃       We, the Amazonian people, are here at the World Social Forum to
defend our territories, to defend the networks we are creating, to
fight against climate change, for the rights of the Amazonian
indigenous people.  What we want to achieve from this Forum is that
all policies that are focused on the destruction of Amazonia to know
about and respect our rights. Above all, to guarantee our territories,
because we, the indigenous people of Amazonia, are living here.
Amazonia is not empty, it is full of indigenous people, that is why we
want these projects to respect the indigenous people before they come
to our communities.  One of the projects that are focused on Amazonia
is the agro-fuel issue, this is a way to dislocate the indigenous
people from our territories. Actually the governments do not want to
give us legal titles to the indigenous territories, they are giving
them to the big companies to cultivate African palm. This is one of
the issues that the indigenous people came here to fight against, all
the Amazonian people. Before any project comes to Amazonia it should
guarantee our territories for our children.

Nilma Bentes - Afro descendent movement
This is the only opportunty that Brazilian Amazonia has to rise the
question of the black population, the black women and women in
general. This opportunity is very important for the self-esteem of the
black population, because for the first time in all the World Social
Forums, this is the first time the the Forum dedicated a specific
space for discussion for the indigenous people and afro- and slave
So we have to use this occasion to show to the big media our struggle.
Our struggles against racism are not only local but international, not
only about Africa but also about the diaspora, all the
afro-descendents that were enslaved in America and other places of the
world. So we try to use this occasion to give maximum exposure for the
black population, to enable it to be proud of its origins and
participate in the construction of a better world.

Jorge Marubo- Jawari Area Amazonia Brasil
We are here at the WSF with a delegation of 30 people, we are here
from the Javari area, and we would like to show to the world not only
the problem of health but also of education and the invasion from
border countries (the Javari area is situated between Colombia, Peru
and Brazil). In our area there is large scale predatory wood
smuggling. But people also come here to exploit our fish, which for
the Western market is aquarium fish. These are some of the main issues
that we are talking to our people at the WSF about, but the main issue
is climate change. Apart from climate change, our people are also
suffering because of the wood companies and landowners that are still
exploiting the natural richness of our lands. And we ask the world to
recognize our ancestral values and knowledges, which show that another
world is possible, and also that in our area lives one of the largest
number of isolated communities, which still have their diversity
preserved from the world. We would like to be recognized as the people
of the forest, originary peoples from Pan-Amazonia.

Walden Bello (Focus on the Global South-Philippines)
is a Filipino author, academic, and political analyst.
He points out the situation of the social movements and civil society struggles.
How to face the financial crisis and how the world social forum
process can contribute for an sustainable  alternative.

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