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Via Campesina Panel at World Social Forum on Migrations

by focuspuller last modified Mar 29, 2011 12:18 PM

At the third day of the World Social Forum on Migrations, the Vía Campesina organized a panel called “Lands, Territories, Migration and Resistance.” Participants hailed from Haiti, Mexico, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Honduras. Milton Yulán from Ecuador criticized the government of Rafael Correa for dragging its feet to implement land reform. Alberto Gómez from Mexico called for food sovereignty, the protection of lands and the withdrawal from all free trade agreements. Members of the audience denounced the US crackdown on immigrants and called on taking down the capitalist economic model. Rafael Alegría from Honduras expressed hope in the awakening consciousness of small-scale farmers and the fight they are carrying out in their communities. The report also includes a traditional dance called “Bomba” performed by Grupo Kumbaya from Ecuador.

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Produced Oct 10, 2010
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