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Second Day of World Social Forum on Migrations

by focuspuller last modified Mar 29, 2011 10:21 AM

The second day of the World Social Forum on Migrations featured an opening conference on Global Crisis and Migration Flows with three speakers from two continents. This report contains interviews with the speakers, as well as photographs from an exhibition at the Forum called Migrants: Origin, transit, destination and return. The speakers were: Ivo Poletto, a sociologist who coordinates the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change, spoke of the need for land reform to prevent migrations, both internationally and internally. Alberto Acosta, former president of the Constituent Assembly in Ecuador and former Minister of Energy and Mines, took a critical look at the progressive governments of Latin America for not taking stronger actions to change their economies, and he called for the elimination of the IMF and the World Bank. Victor Nzuzi, a Congolese farmer and member of Via Campesina, spoke of how multinational companies force people in the Congo to migrate. He also remarked on the hypocrisy of the media campaigns in Europe and the United States against migrants.

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