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On World Environment Day by the armed forces killed 30 defenders of Mother Earth

by focuspuller last modified Mar 29, 2011 12:17 PM

On World Environment Day by the armed forces killed 30 defenders of Mother Earth The government aprista of Alan García Pérez has launched at dawn yesterday in a brutal crackdown against the Peruvian Amazon indigenous peoples in peaceful agitation to demand the withdrawal of unconstitutional decrees issued by the government to facilitate the implementation of NAFTA with the United States, in violation of constitutional rights and treaties signed by Peru. The information is confusing, there are no official figures, but sources now speak of 30 dead.

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Produced Jun 28, 2009

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Read the first newsletter distributed yesterday by CAOI The repression has taken a few days after the conclusion of the Fourth Continental Summit of the Peoples of Abya Yala, during which the indigenous peoples of the continent had expressed full support to the struggle of the people of the Peruvian Amazon. Read the Final Declaration By two months because the indigenous people of Peru are pursuing peaceful mobilizations in defense of the Amazon, merged into a massive popular support lifting off from other social sectors in the country. For more read: explosion in Peru protest indigenous / state of emergency and lifting indigenous to Peru. The rapid growth in strength and visibility of the Peruvian indigenous movement in recent months is the latest step in a process organization that relies on years of struggle of many indigenous communities and rural Andean and Amazonian against the impacts of mega particular units, as in the case of the Yanacocha mine. [Source: CDCA] Moltitudinarie mobilizations and international support received from the indigenous movement must have frightened the neoliberal government of causing Garcia to implement a bloody repression to put a stop to the protests that grow day after day in the country. According to the spokesman of the indigenous movements in Peru "is the clear response of the system to 57 days of peaceful struggle of indigenous and so-called dialogues and negotiations with the government ending as always with the sound of bullets and brutality, the same as more than 500 years of oppression. " Please send soldarietà the Peruvian indigenous movement by sending this text (signed with full name, city, country and - in the event - organization or group membership): "As we express as civil society solidarity, our closeness and our support for the just struggle of the indigenous peoples of Peru - and the Amazon in particular - and condemned the criminal attitude of the government of Alan García, calling on national authorities and international institutions are advised to act immediately all necessary measures to end the genocide and indigenous attaching to the requests of the people of Peru. " The text should be sent to mail putting in question: en solidariedade con los pueblos amazónicos

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