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Golpe de Estado en Honduras

by focuspuller last modified Mar 29, 2011 09:54 AM

Press conference in San Josè Costa Rica of President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya and President of Costa Rica Oscar Arias, after Zelaya's forced arrival in the city. (AGI) - Tegucigalpa, 28 giu. - Military coup in Honduras. President Manuel Zelaya, is in Costa Rica and requested political asylum. "I was the victim of a kidnapping, of a conspiracy," were the first words of Zelaya at Venezuelan TV Telesur on his arrival in the country, "it was a coup d'etat", he added. The President said that his bodyguards "have fought with the soldiers for half an hour." Zelaya has appealed to his fellow citizens to demonstrate against the coup peacefully and without violence, and called on all sectors of society 'to pronounce against the putsch' . The authors of the coup d'etat 'will come out full of shame' from this incident, said Zelaya, who has called for 'the immediate return' of the rule of law that is beeing violated' (AGI)

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