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FSM2016 Montreal Canada: opening rally

More then 15000 altermondialist activists open the 12 edition of the world social forum at Montreal in Canada. Voices from First Nation rapresentative jocelyn Iahtai, from Canadian forum organizer Carminda Mc Lorin, La Via Campesina Dena Hoff , Forum Mondial Media Libre Erika Campelo and others

FSM 2016 Montreal: First Nation Eriel Tchekwie and Gitz Crazyboy from Athabasca Chipewyan met with LVC and NGO’s

First Nation, La Via Campesina, WhyHungher and Food First representative met to talk and share opinion and common future struggles. Speech from: Eriel Tchekwie Deranger and Ryan “Gitz” Derange – Indigenous Environmental Network/Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (Blackfoot).Eriel is an Indigenous rights advocate and member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) of Northern Alberta, Canada. She works to raise awareness about the negative climate, human and Indigenous rights impacts of the Alberta Tar Sands. Gitz Crazyboy (Ryan Deranger), First Nation Dene/Pikini (Blackfoot), Alberta, Canada. Stephanie Wang – Peasant Union/La Via Campesina Lorette Picciano – Rural Coalition/La Via Campesina Carlos Marentes Sr. – Border Agriculture Workers Project/La Via Campesina Ryan “Gitz” Derange – Indigenous Environmental Network/Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Eric Holt-Gimenez – Food First/US Food Sovereignty Alliance Debate organized by WhyHungher.

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